Pathway to Wellness, LLC

(Helping Moms to have Healthy Babies)

Our Vision

To see every mother have a healthy pregnancy, birthing experience, and rear a healthy child.

We are a group of professionally and racially diverse public health professionals dedicated to improving the health of mothers and children within in the state of Mississippi.   Our mission is to reduce the rates of maternal obesity and related chronic diseases, e.g. hypertension and gestational diabetes, that are associated with low birth weight, preterm, and infant mortality while increasing the rates of infants who are breastfed for the first 6 months of life.

We intend to accomplish this mission through lifestyle change programs that include educating and coaching women to adopt a healthy diet and behaviors, e.g. physical activity, so as to maintain a healthy body weight during before, during and beyond pregnancy, which can significantly reduces poor pregnancy and delivery outcomes.  Also, we intend to educate women and employers about the health benefits of breastfeeding as well as provide them with the counseling, supplies, and equipment that are necessary to successfully breastfeed. We will educate employers and assist them in creating a positive, supportive work environment for their breastfeeding employees. We will promote breastfeeding among birthing centers and ensure that employers and child care facilities are in compliance with state and federal laws that support breastfeeding families. We will partner with local and national organizations to increase  breastfeeding rates.  We won't rest until Mississippi's infant mortality rate is below 3% and its exclusive 6 months breastfeeding rate is at least 26 percent. 

News and Events

  • The U.S. infant mortality rate fell by 4% to  a historical low 6.14%,according to the National Center for Health Statistics. However, the U.S., the 7th richest country in the world, still maintains one of the highest rates among industrialized nations. The three main causes of infant death: congenital malformations, low birth weight, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). December18, 2013.
  • In October 2013, Pathway to Wellness received a proclamation from Governor Phil Bryant declaring October as Breastfeeding Month.
  • October 1 -7, 2013. World Breastfeeding Week. 
  • September 6, 2013. The National Breastfeeding Center's Insurance Scorecard reports on how  well insurance companies are responding to the federally mandated coverage of comprehensive breastfeeding services. The grades are: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi, D-; Humana, F; United Healthcare, B and Univera Healthcare, B-.
  • Pursuant to the Affordable Care Act, effective August 2012, insurers most provide comprehensive breastfeeding services that include counseling, supplies and equipment.  Under the "Nursing Mothers Amendment," employers are required to make accommodations for nursing mothers. Effective, March 2010, the Amendment mandates that employers provide breastfeeding employees with reasonable break time (paid or unpaid) in a private sanitary place to express breast milk for 12 months following the birth of their child. This law does not preempt Mississippi's breastfeeding law.

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      Getty Israel at 601-983-6484